Where’s Season Six?

It has been over a year since Universal Pictures released the Rockford Files Season 5 on DVD.  Nothing is showing up on Amazon for Season 6, so what gives?

Here’s the description for Season Six

James Garner returns in his Primetime Emmy® Award-winning role as wisecracking ex-con-turned-private detective Jim Rockford in all 22 Season Five episodes of The Rockford Files! In this thrilling five-disc set Rockford chases down underworld mobsters art thieves an organ transplant ring and other criminals who never expect to find the world’s most unlikely detective behind Rockford’s easygoing laid-back demeanor. Along for the chase this season are such phenomenal guest stars as Tom Selleck Ed Harris John Pleshette Harold Gould and more. From legendary TV producer Stephen J. Cannell the Primetime Emmy® Award-winning series that earned eighteen nominations returns for more intelligent mysteries devious suspects and classic Rockford action!System Requirements:Running time: 297 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 025195017237 Manufacturer No: 61102094

via Amazon.com

I’ll keep waiting for news, and I’ll write many emails to Universal.


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