Final Season of Rockford Files Arrives on DVD

Yellow Pages Ad - Wheres the mustache?

Yellow Pages Ad - Where's the mustache?

The final season of the Rockford Files arrived on DVD today.  I’m pretty jazzed, as I now know how I will spend my weekend.

My plans for the weekend

  1. Watch Rockford
  2. Eat grilled cheese sandwich
  3. Watch Rockford
  4. Watch Rockford

Here’s what Amazon has to say about the final season.

Private eye Jim Rockford (James Garner) begins his final year–not counting eight TV movies–by trying to hang on to his beachfront property (“Paradise Cove”). That matter settled with the aid of legal eagle Mariette Hartley, with whom Garner made a series of Polaroid commercials, Rockford proceeds to tangle with socialite Lauren Bacall (“Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs”), rival P.I. Tom Selleck (“Nice Guys Finish Dead”), and hooker-turned-hairdresser Rita Moreno (“No Fault Affair”). All his closest companions are along for the semi-final ride: Angel (Stuart Margolin), Lt. Becker (Joe Santos), and his father, Joseph (Noah Beery Jr.), who continues to needle his son about settling down. “When I’m ready, Rocky–not when you are,” Jim replies.



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