Stephen Schleicher has crossed the country several times over the last couple of years going from Kansas to Atlanta , Georgia , and Southern California . In his time traveling, he has worked as an editor, graphic designer, videographer, director, and producer on a variety of video productions ranging from small internal pieces, to large multimedia corporate events.

Stephen co-hosts the daily podcast Coolness Roundup – the Tech Show for Everyone. If you are interested in the figuring out the complicated world of consumer technology, then this is the podcast for you. Each week Stephen and Charlie separate the coolness from the lukewarm and explain topics in terms that anyone can understand. They answer listener mail, give away prizes, and dive deep into a topic of the week. You can find out more at www.coolnessroundup.com

Currently, Stephen shares his knowledge with students at Fort Hays State University who are studying media and web development in the Information Networking and Telecommunications department.

When he is not shaping the minds of university students, Stephen continues to work on video and independent projects for State and local agencies and organizations as well as his own ongoing works.

Stephen is also a regular contributor to Digital Producer, Creative Mac, Digital Webcast, Digital Animators, and the DV Format websites, part of the Digital Media Online network of communities (www.digitalmedianet.com), where he writes about the latest technologies, and gives tips and tricks on everything from Adobe After Effects, to Apple’s Final Cut Pro, LightWave 3D, to shooting and lighting video.

Stephen has a Masters Degree in Communication from Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas . As a forward thinker, he wrote his Thesis on how Information Islands and e-commerce would play a major role in keeping smaller communities alive. This of course was when 28.8 dialup was king and people hadn’t even invented the word e-commerce.

Stephen spends what little free time he has biking, reading, traveling around the country, and contemplating the future of digital video and its impact on our culture. He is a comic book fan rating a 7 on a 10 point comic-geek curve.


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